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Drive by is a game based off of the classic game of telephone. In drive by, the player is tasked to walk a certain route given by the game master. The player only gets the directions once by mouth. The player must then walk the route given, following the directions he or she heard to the best of their ability.

Below is an example of directions we gave to the players before they set off. We were using a L shaped corridor for our game-play.

Walk forward to the corner, turn left and walk forwards to the stairs. Make a u-turn, and walk forward three steps. Stop, and jump in place 3 times, before walking to the bulletin board on your left. Pick up the pen attached to the bulletin board and run forward to the next bulletin board at the end of the hall. Turn left, and bow to next player, to alert them to get ready for their turn. Dance-walk to the bulletin board on your left, and write down the directions you remember doing on the paper pinned to the wall, and hand the pen to game-master.

Movie included shows an example of these instructions being carried out in our playthrough.


Drive by Gameplay.mov 501 kB